Learn about Longhu Mountain " Overview of the scenic spot

Learn about Longhu Mountain

Mount Longhu [long hu shan]
  • Highest altitude: 1600 rice
  • Suitable travel season: 6-9 month
  • Suggested travel time: 2 day
  • Opening Hours: 07: 30~17: 30 08: 00~17: 00
  • Famous scenic spot: Xianshui rock, Wilsonii house, Cliff tomb, etc
Development of tourism culture in Longhu Mountain of Jiangxi Province (group) Limited on 1997 year 08 month 05 It was registered and established in Yingtan Municipal Bureau of market and quality supervision. Legal representative: wurenhua, The business scope of the company includes the development, construction and management of tourist attractions, Tourism industry investment, etc.
Mount Longhu, Located in the southwest of Yingtan City, Jiangxi Province 20 Km. Middle Eastern Han Dynasty, Zhangdaoling, founder of Zhengyi Taoism, once refined pills here, legend "Dan Cheng and Long Hu Xian, Hence the name of mountain. It is the Eighth World Natural Heritage site in China, World Geopark , National Natural and cultural heritage sites, country AAAAA First class tourist attraction, National key cultural relics protection units. Dragon and Tiger Mountain "Danxia Wonderland" Name of, The main scenic spots include Shangqing palace scenic spot, Tianshi mansion Scenic Area, Longhu Mountain Scenic Spot, Xianyan Shuiyan scenic spot, Rock tombs scenic spot, Xiangbi mountain Paiya stone scenic spot, Dufeng Mazuyan scenic spot. Longhu Mountain belongs to the Danxia landform developed to the old age, Mountain Block dispersion, In the shape of peak forest, Terrain elevation difference is relatively small, Maximum only 240 About meters, Therefore, it is generally beautiful.
Yingtan Longhu Mountain is located in Yingtan City, Jiangxi Province, From Yingtan City 20 kilometre. country AAAAA First class scenic spot. It is the birthplace of Taoism in China, national park of China , 2007 Joined the World Geopark network in. Dragon and Tiger Mountain yes 2009 China Danxia recommended by China to UNESCO World Natural Heritage Center approved by the State Council in[Mount Longhu (Including Guifeng) And other six scenic spots]project, yes 2010 The only World Heritage Application Project in China in. 2009 year, Longhu Mountain is shortlisted "Favorite tourist attractions of Chinese College Students" gold prize.
Yingtan Longhu Mountain is the orthodox school of Taoism "Ancestral court" . It is a link between the past and the future in the history of Chinese Taoism, The status and role of carrying forward the past and forging ahead into the future and its major influence. Longhu Mountain was originally called Yunjin mountain, It is the beautiful Lingshan mountain in the south of the Yangtze River. The mountains here stretch for tens of miles, Weixiang mountain (Yingtian mountain) It is caused by a branch of pulse going westward. It is said that 99 dragons gather here, Mountain like dragon plate, Like a tiger, Dragon and tiger vie for supremacy, Irreconcilable potential; Shangqing River drifts in from the East, Walk slowly along the mountain, Turn from mountain to peak, Like a nap, Like love scene, White when crossing the beach, Green when meeting the pond, Or soft spoken elegant language, Or meditate. Jiujiufeng 24th rock, Make the best use of water, A stream that turns from mountain to peak, Accept the masculinity of 99 Dragons, Shandan water green, Spirituality. Soon, Lingshan and Xiushui are attracted by the gods, Two cranes were sent to guide Zhang Daoling and his disciples to the mountain, Alchemy cultivation. Mountain God perception, Dragon and tiger appear, Replace brocade. Since, Dragon and tiger mountain, clear water, Danshan mountain and beyond, The beauty of Taoist Culture, It can be called a famous Taoist mountain, Known as a Taoist paradise.
in addition, Yingtan Longhu Mountain scenic spot Yingtian mountain Xiangshan Academy "Epiphany of mind" The birthplace of the school; Jinlongfeng Mazuyan is one of the most important Zen masters in the history of Zen. Mazudao was a place for early meditation and Enlightenment; The cliff tombs in Xianshui rock are a wonder in the history of Chinese burial customs; "Fairy flower" It is the first unique scenery of Taoism, The world's best scenery, wait. Longhu Mountain records? Art and culture load: "Yingtan Dragon Tiger Mountain calendar Wei, Jin, Tang, Song Dynasty, Generation has praise, Ruoshigawa's victory, Gong yuzhili, Numerous characters, The difference of fairy tracks, God of Tao and Practice, The appearance of grand hope. Replace it with the one who admires novelty and beauty, Or beauty in Poetry, Hanging stone, Transmit more than 1000 years. " Yingtan Longhu Mountain is a rich Taoist cultural heritage accumulated over thousands of years, And its prominent ancestral position in the history of Chinese Taoism, And its contribution to the development of Taoism in China, Considered by the public "The first mountain of Taoism" It also has a very important position in the history of World Religions. Most Danxia Landforms in China are relatively large due to the topographic height difference, So it is characterized by majestic and precipitous. The Yingtan Longhu Mountain belongs to the Danxia landform developed to the old age, Mountain Block dispersion, In the shape of peak forest, Terrain elevation difference is relatively small, Maximum only 240 About meters, Therefore, it is generally beautiful. The Danxia landform of Longhu Mountain is also diverse, Mainly distributed in Longhu Mountain and Xianshui Rock Scenic Area 40 Within square kilometers. Luxi river passes through the scenic area, Connect the Danya landform and landscape on both banks, It also has the characteristics of clear water and Danya.